About Unchained Physiques

At Unchained Physiques, we’ve not only created a top-tier lifestyle nutrition and contest prep company, we've created a movement in the industry that goes against the status quo. The vast public perception of bodybuilding and physique competitions can be interpreted as a niche sport filled with eccentric, isolated individuals who partake in tortuous, grueling acts of extreme discipline in the form of strict dieting and exercise. Doesn’t sound too appealing.
Our goal was to create a core group of elite athletes and qualified coaches that could break the barriers and shine a light on the positives of health and fitness. By providing the best tools to educate and guide each client to their desired fitness goals, we’ve created a formula of success that is tried and true. Founded by Michael Rattenni in 2016, Unchained Physiques has gone beyond what a typical online coaching service offers. In four short years, the brand has spread nationwide and has quickly become a dominant force in turning multiple amateurs pro each season. With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Mike created a tailored service that is not just exclusively accessible to competitors, but also made available to every day gym goers and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their current body composition, performance and overall health.