Competition Testimonials


"I’ve been an athlete my entire life, but at no point did I ever need to execute a long term plan with such precision and care. I knew to reach my goals in this sport I needed a coach who was not only knowledgeable, but wanted it as much as I do. I also wanted a coach who has been through the experience. What I found in Tom was all of the above and then some. He never let me get comfortable, always pushing me to show me I can do more than I think. He checked on me often, sometimes daily, to see how I was feeling physically, but more important, mentally. He always called me immediately if I was doubting myself. If you’re looking for a coach, a team, a fitness family, a way of life, or looking to take your body to a level you didn’t know was possible, this is it! You will find everything you need right here with Unchained Physiques and Tom. This is an entire support system of the highest level of athletes who will help motivate you, push you, and support you. I know I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am in this short amount of time without Tom."


"In 16 months time of working with Tom as my coach he has completely turned my life around in more ways then one! Yes the physical appearance and what we have built together is incredible! I have not taken anything less then top 5 in all 5 of my shows in this short period of time! 1 1st place finish, 4 2nd place finishes, and 1 5th place finish! But, he has also pushed me to my limits an expected more out of me then anyone else in my life and for that I cant appreciate him enough! He is a great motivator keeps you on the right track! He will make sure you are completely ready before putting you on stage!

If you are looking for a coach that will make sure your health and well being comes first before anything else he is your guy! He cares more about you as a person than a competitor and for that reason makes him a great coach! I am confident in him and trust him whole heartedly!"

Posing Testimonials


"I decided I wanted to do a show back in October but I know I had a long way to go not only with my physique but with my posing as well. Kav stressed the importance of posing from day 1. He’s been very patient with me helping me find specific transitions and poses that present my physique in the best way. The thing that sticks out to me most about his coaching is that as I grow and as my body changed over the past year he would adapt and change as well by showing me different angles that complimented my physique."


“After little to no success with my posing I reached out to Kaveh to fine tune a few things last minute before my show. I was very pleased with the guidance and patience he gave me. Highly recommended if you are looking for someone who will commit to giving you your best look.”


“Hi, my name is Iurii Avdiievskyi. I have been a client of Kaveh since the very beginning of my first prep and let me tell you that there is no more diligent, experienced, patient and passionate coach in Charlotte that I know. This guy is a true professional and will always give you the best he got in him. I love working with him primarily because he is very deliberate and will not sugar coat your weaknesses and doubts about yourself. Through the depth of knowledge and laser focus he will help you chip away the pieces of the marble in you that you don't need so that you can become a true champion on stage and within yourself by totally owning your body and mind.”


“I started working with coach Kaveh while I was prepping for my second competition. Kaveh takes time with his clients and does everything he can to help them succeed. After 6 sessions with him I stepped on stage confident I could Best display the package I brought to the stage. I took first in my class and I have no doubt my posing was what kept me center stage. I highly recommend Coach Kaveh for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. I can’t say enough great things about him and the way he teaches. You are sure to be successful if you work with Kaveh!”


“It’s been great working with posing coach Kav! His attention to detail and patience are perfect if you’re a vet or just learning to pose. My transition from fitness model competitor to physique competitor will be much smoother than I ever imagined because of his coaching.“


“Kaveh’s posing has helped me tremendously! I was such a stiff and very robotic like before he started working with me! We finally have been able to get my posing more fluent an less robotic like! He’s great at working out the small details where most miss or wouldn’t think to look for! Very patient and easy to work with! When I go up on stage I feel way more confident and know my posing is what the judges are looking for when I go up there!”

Lifestyle Testimonials

Alisa Marie

“Working with Brooks has been rewarding. He truly has a passion for coaching, and is a wealth of knowledge. With his guidance I lost right around 25 pounds while working with him. He coached me to reach my 100-pounds-lost goal before my 40th birthday. Brooks was there to coach without judgement and always answered any questions I had along the way. I would definitely recommend working with him.”

Corey Fessler

“Brooks and I met in the old stomping grounds at Gold’s Gym, where he already had experience in bodybuilding, nutrition and competing. I had been lifting and focused on building muscle mass for a few years, and always contemplated taking my body to the next level with a diligent diet to compete on the men’s physique stage. Brooks pushed me to that next level in both the gym and getting my diet dialed in, so that I could present my best physique with confidence.”