Meet The Coaches

Mike Rattenni (IFBB PRO)

Head Pro Competition Coach
Michael Rattenni has been involved in the fitness industry for twenty plus years. A New York native, he moved to the birthplace of bodybuilding and began his fitness career as a personal trainer in California. He quickly worked his way up in management and has since developed and built personal training and fitness manager systems in over 450 locations and health clubs and top franchises- World’s Gym, Gold’s Gym, Retro Fitness, and Crunch Fitness to name a few.
In 2014 he began managing top social media influencers and athletes worldwide, providing a platform for them to take their careers to the next level. Using his experience and contacts in the industry, he was able to leverage their value and marketability, negotiating contracts in a post-fitness magazine era where big contract deals and sponsorships were hard to land.
In 2015, after 15 years off from competing, he stepped back in the competitive circuit to pursue his pro card in the newly introduced Mens Physique division. Within one year, he accomplished being an undefeated masters amateur and won his pro card after competing in just three shows total at North Americans in 2016. Soon after he was on the pro stage going toe-to-toe with the best in the world.
In 2016, Michael shifted his focus, knowing his legacy and impact in the industry would be even greater as a coach than a competitor himself. He set his goal to recruit fresh, new talent, introducing many to the NPC/IFBB and created what is now known as Unchained Physiques.
Over 350 plus top five placings in the NPC/IFBB and OCB, 60 overall wins and captured over 20 pro cards at every NPC national show thus far, as well as turning natural athletes pro in both federations, Michael has established himself as one of the top fitness gurus in the nation.

Tom Cox (IFBB PRO)

Competition Coach

Tom Cox has been a respected member of the fitness industry since graduating East Carolina University in 2014. Over the past 6 years he has had experience working directly with various populations of clients, from post op rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, youth fitness programs to geriatric fitness. Having a broad spectrum of clients working in a medical fitness and rehabilitation based facility has helped establish him as a coach that can adapt to virtually any client.

It was soon after graduating that Tom caught the” bug” of competing by entering in his first bodybuilding show. His thirst for understanding the ins and out of the sport became an obsession. The nutrition, the discipline, the supplementation and the overall structure of what it takes to be a successful competitor was more than intriguing. Going through the process of competing, gathering data, learning through trial and error and experimenting on himself only added to his understanding and it became easy to apply these principles to his clients. Fast forward to current day and Tom has helped transform the lives of hundreds of lifestyle clients and has had great success with amateur competitors looking to take their physiques to the next level.

So whether you are looking to step on stage or just live a better quality of life, a fully comprehensive and tailored Unchained Physiques program is guaranteed to give you results. When it comes to client relationships and satisfaction, Tom holds himself to the highest standard.

Bachelor of Science Degree from East Carolina University, North Carolina
Health & Fitness Specialist/Kinesiology
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM CPT)

Notable Achievements:
6X NPC Overall Mens Physique Champion
2X North Carolina State Overall Men's Physique Champion

George Brown

Competition Coach

George Brown is a recognized name in the fitness industry with over ten years of experience. Born in Ohio, with a Marine for a Father and a Teacher for a Mother, George had no choice but to adopt the necessary characteristics needed to motivate and support others. His impeccable work ethic and drive to succeed started from a young age through sports and developed further as a college athlete where he played Football for Tiffin University.George is a Professional Bodybuilder who started competing in the Men’s Physique Category of the NPC in 2011. Through hard work and dedication he worked his way up, branding his name by turning pro at the North American in 2013. This was the beginning of an impressive run, seeing George win his first pro show at the NY Pro in 2015, followed by a runner-up finish at The Arnold in the same year. It was at this moment a King was born. The title King George Brown, as he is known throughout the industry, seems fitting with eight IFBB Pro titles, including two NY Pro wins, five top-five placings at The Arnold, two-time Pittsburgh Pro Champ, and eight-time competitor at the Olympia with six top ten finishes. If that isn’t enough, as a former NPC judge, George also has an eye for detail. A talent that he now translates over to his clients, allowing him to see a vision and align that with his client’s goals, whether that be lifestyle training or to step on stage as a competitive bodybuilding.With two daughters, Bryanna and Raven, and a Grandson, George’s level of dedication to his craft and clients is no different than that to his family. He was born with a purpose to motivate and inspire, and because of this, George leads by example. He is not afraid of hard work and instills this level of integrity into each of his clients, creating a safe space for them to reach their goals. George wants to help you achieve your life goals through fitness - are you ready to work with the King?

Dominick Mutascio

Dietitian/Sports Nutritional Coach

I’m a dedicated/passionate fitness professional, free-lance dietitian/Sports nutritional coach, with over 12 years of experience in the competitive contest preparation coaching and dietetics related field.

I grew up a small town of Hampton Bays, New York, in Eastern Long Island, where my passion for athletics and competitive spirit began to manifest at an early age. By the age of eighteen (18) I had become a 4 time all-county , Suffolk county champion, all-state, and nationally ranked Wrestler.

After High School, I originally committed to Wrestle at Hofstra University( at the time top 10 in the country division one program). From my horrific experiences with cutting weight for wrestling I had then I came to the conclusion that I wanted to focus helping other individuals not make the same mistakes I did in regards to the unhealthy approaches I previous took to make weight requirements for Wrestling. After discovering my passion , I then switched majors for business development & transfer to SUNY Cortland State University, and would attain my degree in Exercise Science/Dietetics(licenses nutritionist/dietitian with a specialty in sports nutrition).

Kaveh Mehrabi

Head Posing Coach

I want to welcome everyone to Unchained Physiques. I’ve been an athlete my whole life ever since I’ve been old enough to walk. Played soccer and basketball growing up. I’ve always loved and respected the sport of bodybuilding and in 2018 I decided to compete in my first competition in Charlotte, NC where I became nationally qualified to compete at nationals. I have done a total of 5 competitions which has taught me a lot about presentation on stage, what the judges look for, and how to display your best look on stage. My passion and drive began 5 years ago when I met our head coach for Unchained Physiques Mr. Mike Rattenni to start learning and understanding the sport. I watched and observed Mike’s every move with his athletes because I wanted to learn and help people some day. That day has come! I help most of our current athletes now @unchained_physiques as one of the posing coaches but also inviting all beginners, NPC, and IFBB competitors that need or could use a posing coach. I can help you learn the basics of posing and what needs to be done for you to succeed on stage. I feel confident simply because of how much I practice and study the sport but more importantly how closely I work with IFBB PRO Coach Mike to keep improving and learning. Let's get your journey started!!!

Rayanne Collins (IFBB PRO)

Lifestyle/Competition/Posing Coach

With over a decade of successful experience in the fitness industry, Rayanne Collins' main goal is helping you transform your life to the next level. Rayanne found her passion in the NPC in 2017 as a bikini competitor and decided to advance her bodybuilding journey by becoming a lifestyle/competitor/posing coach. Rayanne specializes in nutrition as she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2018. This led her into a deeper understanding of the key elements of nutrition by gaining additional knowledge not only for herself but to help others as well. Rayanne's vision is to help her clients become a better version of themselves, not only by transforming their appearance but also improving their overall mindset and prioritizing their health.

Chris Barr

Competition Coach

My name is Christopher Barr, and I am an IFBB Pro Men's Physique competitor with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. Throughout my journey, I have had the incredible opportunity to compete at the highest level in the OCB league natural organization and as an IFBB pro.

With a decade of training experience under my belt, I have worked with a diverse range of clients, catering to both lifestyle individuals looking to get in shape and top NPC competitors striving to turn pro. Each client I work with receives my utmost dedication and commitment to helping them achieve their fitness goals.

As the Owner of White Lion Labs Health and Fitness Supplements, I am passionate about providing the best in supplements and meeting the unique dietary needs of my clients. White Lion Labs is more than just a supplement brand; it represents a commitment to excellence and helping individuals optimize their performance and overall well-being.

During my fitness journey, I have had the privilege of working under Mike as a Pro for over three years. The Unchained team has become my home, providing a supportive and motivating environment that fuels my passion for fitness.

I am eager to share my expertise, knowledge, and experience with individuals looking to transform their bodies and reach new heights in their fitness journeys. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, I am dedicated to guiding you towards success and helping you unleash your full potential.